John Crowder

August 21, 2008

John Crowder was ministering in Albuquerque last weekend.  What a blessing this young man is! 

John believes we are designed to enjoy God, and he is gifted to help people learn to do just that.  

John is not a dangerous heretic – his doctrine is orthodox, and his life appears to be upright and wholesome before the Lord.  

John seems to believe – John my brother, I hope I am not misrepresenting your position – that the Scriptures indicate that the Holy Spirit can trigger the divinely-engineered spiritual analogs to the pleasure centers in our brain so that we do not need unhealthy counterfeits such as drugs.

I have studied this, and while the scripture does not necessarily prove that, it certainly suggests it.   The wine of the Holy Spirit should make us merry.  John also believes that angels are our helpers in this.  It is undeniable that the angels are here to help us.  It does make sense that they would help us in aspects of righteousness such as enjoying the Holy Spirit.

It is sad that so many turn to various substances and activities, legal and illegal, to satisfy their God-given need for pleasure.

Some will passionately defend the right of believers to take all sorts of drugs for depression.  I will not argue with them – we all have a legitimate need to feel good!

But how much better if we can feel good because we have fully turned to the Lord, and taken advantage of drinking daily of the wine of the Holy Spirit.

John uses some metaphors that when understood make perfect sense.  If people are not being taught to live in the intoxicating freedom of the Holy Spirit, they will seek the counterfeits provided by the enemy of our souls.

Of course we should not worship pleasure or seek it.  But we should not be the dour “Church Lady” Christian either – even unbelievers know that any religion that produces harsh and unfulfilled miserable people cannot be right.

Get your life right with God.  Stop making unhealthy choices.  Seek the Lord passionately with your whole heart. 

Let gifted ministries such as John Crowder teach you how to more fully enjoy His pleasures, so that you will no longer be attracted to Satan’s counterfeit pleasures.

I appreciate John’s gift, as easy as it is to be misunderstood.

Father, protect this young man!


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