The Broccoli Revival

August 17, 2008

I was quite distressed to hear of Todd Bentley’s difficulties, and to whatever extent they are related to errors on his part, that needs to be addressed.

But the more I ponder on this, the better it looks.


I will explain.


My grandmother taught me how to grow broccoli.  One summer I grew a small garden at her home.  She explained that whatever sprouts up first in the broccoli plant has to be cut off, so that the rest of the plant will grow bigger and yield a good harvest.


The principle of growing broccoli applies to recent events.


God works continually in ways that defy our expectations.


The Jews expected to rule the world.  But it didn’t turn out that way.


The followers of Jesus expected Him to usher in a visible and dominant kingdom.  But it didn’t turn out that way.


The pattern of God, oddly enough, is often one of relatively sudden and public humiliation followed by a very gradual and more private exaltation. 


Is that your own testimony of the pattern of the grace of God in your life, as it is mine? 


The disciples were dramatically and painfully humbled when their leader was crucified.  It was done in front of the Roman government and with thousands of witnesses.  But when that same leader rose from the dead, it was seen by only a few (not counting several billion angels who saw Him re-enter heaven!).


Of course Todd Bentley is not Jesus — he is, like the rest of us, a flawed and fallible human being. 


Somewhere on the Internet several weeks ago I read a prophecy stating that one person would fall, and to some extent appease the critics, but that the revival would continue.  I have tried but I cannot find that now.  I remember when I read it thinking, Oh my, I certainly hope that this is not talking about Todd.


Now it appears that in fact it was.


So the head of the broccoli plant, the leader of this revival, someone who carried with him a dramatic and powerful anointing that was undeniable to those who experienced it, has been forced to the sidelines. 


Unfortunately for the enemy who achieved this victory, it will only turn out to allow this work to spread in new areas.


So what seems to be the enemy’s greatest victory, and what we may perceive to be a humiliation will (if we so choose) turn out to be a transition into something even better.


The prophets have been saying for a long time that this would be a no-name revival.  The way Todd was so far out in front, I remember wondering to myself, How in the world is this going to be a no-name revival? 


Well, now I know!


Please, please do not discard the work that God has done in you through this outpouring.  It is just getting started.  It is just a small rivulet in the greater river of the kingdom of God, but what a blessing it has been.


And please join me in being supportive of the group onto whom a new mantle of leadership will now fall.  They have been launched into a greater visibility, albeit in a somewhat awkward fashion, and this can turn to the good.    He is truly the God who captures the awkward to redeem it and move through it!


Che and Bill and John and Peter and Rick and Randy and Patricia and all the others have made thousands of good decisions, and as a result have been entrusted by the Lord with enormous authority and have blessed millions.  My prayer and confident expectation is that they will move ahead with what God is calling them to do without a moment’s hesitation or second-guessing.  Who has time for that?


Are there lessons to be learned?  Sure, and you can bet that these seasoned veterans of the kingdom will learn them.  But I’m not sure that the most important lessons are the ones that might seem obvious.


The number one lesson might be, Don’t be offended, find the good, and keep on keeping on pursuing Him.


It’s only going to get better!





6 Responses to “The Broccoli Revival”

  1. […] Curant writes about the Broccoli Revival. His main point is simple: broccoli grows better when the first sprout in the plant is cut off. […]

  2. NotAllThere said

    “The principle of growing broccoli applies to recent events.”

    Dan – could you explain precisely why this principle applies?

    Is this a prophetic word?



  3. Anonymous said

    What planet are you living on?

    Lakeland was characterised by the following: unbiblical teaching, false prophecy, deliberate lies, prosperity gospel, fake healing, emotional manipulation, exploitation of the vulnerable, violence, and self-glorification. All these are factual, proven, and repeated. They are not the occasional slip-ups that we all make.

    At the best, Lakeland was a man-made “revival”, and at the worst it was a scheme of the enemy right out of the pit of hell. Anyone who wants more of this is not on the Lord’s side.

    It’s taken Todd’s marriage breakdown to alert people up to what’s going on. See, for example. Lee Grady’s recent piece. Yes, some problems are being addressed, but there has been no public apology or repentance.

    Oh, and the people you mention (Che, Bill, John, Peter, Rick, Randy and Patricia) are all major league heretics with theologies that are distinctly far removed from biblical Christianity. They also showed zero discernment by endorsing Todd which makes me question their self-proclaimed apostolic and prophetic status.

    Wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. dancurant said


    Thank you for noting your concerns, at least some of which appear to have some validity.

    Nevertheless it is my hope and expectation that those who were saved at Lakeland will stay saved, those who were healed will stay healed, and those who were encouraged will stay encouraged.

    I think you and I would agree that it is time for the kingdom of God to be on the offense against the gates of hell, not on the defense against its own internal critics.

    However, you and I have an honest disagreement over whether the leaders mentioned are advancing the kingdom of God.

    If there are tares, the Lord said to leave the tares alone. Why not obey Him?

    There may be ticks on the ox, but the ox is pulling the plow, and I thank God for that.

    Stabbing the ticks with an icepick may kill the ticks, but may not help the harvest in the long term.

    God bless –


  5. Anonymous said


    What about the people who were deceived, hurt, or lied to at Lakeland? What about those who (for example) Todd told where healed but weren’t?

    Yes, we need to go on the offensive against the enemy, but the enemy is within as well as without. As a matter of urgency we need to rid ourselves of the pulpit pimps, charlatans, and heretics in our midst.

    The Bible tells us to search the scriptures, to test the prophets, and to guard against false teachers. So I’m not sure we should leave the tares alone when they are leading the flock astray.

    All of the leaders you mention have had very significant concerns raised about their beliefs and methods. They’ve all been found to be promoting unbiblical teaching. Have you taken the trouble to check them out yourself, rather than just believing their propaganda? The problems with Lakeland were flagged up right at the start, but were largely dismissed. Only now are those who were supporting Todd accepting that they should have listened to the warnings. Perhaps similar warnings about others should henceforth be taken seriously.

  6. dancurant said

    NotAllThere, you ask a good question, and I am happy to answer it.

    I am not presenting this as a prophetic word. I believe that the broccoli principle is applicable to the revival in the light of Todd’s difficulties, but I am not claiming that this was imparted to me by revelation.

    Nor can I prove that it applies.

    But I believe we will see it in operation.

    In some activities, if you remove the leader, the activity dies. The principle there is, Smite the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.

    I expect that in the case of the renewal, we will see the opposite, with many many smaller ministries and individuals arising to fill the gap left by Todd.

    Thank you for your question.


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