Go Deep

August 1, 2008

What is happening through Lakeland is profound.

Some look at intellectualism as being “deep”.

True depth in the Lord is a matter of intimacy with Him.

A very stupid or even retarded person could be much deeper in the Lord than an astute evangelical theologian.

The Lord talked about people who have no root in themselves.

At Lakeland we see people getting saved and encouraged in their Christian faith.

We also see people speaking who have experienced Him in profound ways.

Each of us has to choose whether we will go deep – deep in the Lord.

If Lakeland encourages and challenges you to go deep, do not let the moment pass you by!

This is not a shallow event.  The walk that God has called you to is not a shallow experience.  It is one that makes demands upon the most profound deep and real intimacy of the person that you really are, where you really live.

It is not a mental trip.

The Lakeland outpouring is about real people touching a real God.

Take the challenge to get to know Him.

Go deep!


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