Christians in America

July 31, 2008

From a “Letter to Barack“-style article at Fox News comes this concise, perhaps simplistic, but IMHO apt characterization of Christians in America at three levels of intensity in their faith:  Christian, Evangelical, and worldview. 

God bless ’em all!


Eighty-four percent of Americans call themselves Christians: when you think of this group, think of John McCain or John Edwards — they’re Christians, but they probably can’t really tell you how they became one, and if you asked them they’d probably say because they were Americans or because their parents were Christian.

Next, 47 percent of Americans are Evangelicals or born-again Christians, i.e., people who can give a time and date when they were “born again” or had a transformative experience with Jesus, — but are sometimes confused on the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. You’d (Note: the article is addressing Barack Obama here) probably be in this category, along with Bill Clinton.

Finally, there is the smaller category of “world view Christians,” around 7 percent of the population — think Mike Huckabee or Pat Robertson — because their faith comes with an accompanying worldview, the kind of stuff they read in books by authors like Chuck Colson, Francis Schaeffer or Nancy Pearcey.



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