Wonder Down Under

July 22, 2008

The Lakeland revival has made it all the way to the other side of the world, as noted in the Sunshine Coast Daily Online:


But Suncoast Christian Centre senior pastor Chas Gullo says he’s not interested in chasing angels or hero worship, saying it is God who is moving, not Canadian preacher Todd Bentley.

Pastor Gullo was preaching at a church in Florida about six weeks ago when he heard about the ‘Florida Outpouring’ and decided to check it out for himself.

He said in many ways the meetings were similar to other charismatic meetings but there was a far greater spiritual hunger – and expectancy from those attending.

He said since returning to his Woombye church there had people healed of back pain and other ailments – but not as they were being prayed for by him – but rather as they praised God during the service.

“God is doing it sovereignly,’’ Pastor Gullo said.

He said while there were not deaf people hearing or the blind seeing, there were those with sickness and injuries who were testifying they had been healed during the service.

Pastor Gullo said there had also been remarkable restorations of broken marriages and family relationships.

He said the beauty of what was happening at Woombye was that it was not the result of one man’s ministry but just a greater expectation by the whole congregation.

“These people are believing for a move of God from the first note (of the song service),’’ he said.


As a bonus, how about this from back in the US, the Louisville Courier-Journal :


Jim Stead, of Salvisa, Ky., said he had been in a wheelchair for 41 years because of injuries he suffered in Vietnam.

He got on stage, saying he felt an explosion of power during the service, and walked and got down and rolled over.

Before the service, “I could walk short distances, then fall down,” he said afterward. “My spine had a catch.

“God has put me back where I was 41 years ago,” he said as his wife and daughter agreed. “I feel like dancing with my wife. I want to go jump rope, I want to ride a horse, I want to do things I haven’t done in 50 years.”

Stead then walked out, pushing his wheelchair as those around him cheered.


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