Partial Healing at Lakeland

July 15, 2008

Dale comments that God does not heal partially as some see happening at Lakeland.

Thankfully, the scripture addresses this by including at least one example of a healing that is a process that starts with partial improvement (Mark 8:24). 

Was Jesus too weak in faith to heal this man completely and immediately with one prayer?  Of course not. Then why didn’t He? 

Even though this precedent is there to help us with this particular question, not everything has to have some precedent in the scripture to be valid.  All it needs is to be edifying.  The scripture teaches that all things are lawful, a truth so important that it appears twice. 

The New Testament question is, What will build people in the faith (“edify”)?

Concerning “partial” healing:  Suppose my vision went from 20/300 to 20/50 after prayer.  That would definitely edify me.

Should I ask the Lord to put it back to 20/300 so I would not be guilty of accepting a partial healing?
We see in part, we prophesy in part, and sometimes, we get healed in part.

What if God completely heals part of the problem?  That would appear partial.  Does every healing from God have to result in complete health in every area?  Could He cure your diabetes but not at the same time heal your sore shoulder?  That would be partial.

A better attitude is to accept whatever good gift the Lord offers.

God is the God of gradual, partial progress.  When the children of Israel were entering the land, He said, Little by little I will drive out your enemies from before you.  If He is God, why not drive them out all at once?  Is He too weak?  Of course not.

He is able, but we respond gradually.

The development of the canon, the spread of the gospel, our own spiritual growth – partial and gradual is the way God works.

Why did He not create the earth in a single microsecond?  Is He too slow?  Of course not.  The way He works is often partial and gradual.

Obviously, ultimately in heaven, those of us that love Him will be fully and completely healed.  That will be joyful.

In the meantime, that is no reason to reject anything partial, because on earth, almost everything is partial and gradual. 

It would almost make more sense to be suspicious of anything that was not partial and gradual!

The people healed by Jesus died eventually – I guess the healing that they received was not total after all.

I hear better out of my right ear than I did before Todd Bentley said, “There is a man whose ear is being healed, he will feel a cracking and popping in his ear.”

My ear cracked and popped.  I hear better.  I often talk with the phone to my right ear now.  I hear my wife better when I am driving (Dale, as I am sure you know, in the United States, unlike in England, that means she is on my right!). 

I thank God that He completely healed some of the hearing loss in my right ear.

I look forward to Him completely healing the rest.

We have inside of us the One who is complete and perfect.  We have complete and full forgiveness available to us, and we have complete and full citizenship in heaven.

But as that Perfect One expresses Himself in us, we see the effect gradually and partially, in our thoughts, in our behavior, in our character. 

The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day. 

May we all get brighter and brighter every day.  That would please Him.

Thank you, Lord.


11 Responses to “Partial Healing at Lakeland”

  1. QUOTE:
    ” We see in part, we prophesy in part, and sometimes, we get healed in part. ”

    Can you give us some scripture reference for that statement please?

    The verses you quote are not evidence of partial healings the jews enemies being driven out by God “little by little” does not mean that you can apply that to your partial healing in your ear.

    The verse in Mark 8 is also taken out of context…if you care to read the next verse he was healed completely.

    Mathew Henry and other commentators explain this beautifully,here is some of what MH says regarding verse 23 :

    ” Christ never doeth his work by the halves, nor leaves it till he can say, It is finished. He put his hands again upon his eyes, to disperse the remaining darkness, and then bade him look up again, and he saw every man clearly, Mar_8:25.”

    Many people are flocking to see bentley perform “miracles” on stage and i would beg you for the sake of your own soul not to fall into the trap of seeking signs and wonders.Stick to Gods Word rightly divided,not taken out of context by men and women like benny hinn,ken copland,creflo dollar,todd bentley,joyce meyer and other heretics.

    2Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
    2Pe 2:2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
    2Pe 2:3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.


  2. Sorry should read verse 25* regarding what MH says


  3. dancurant said

    Dale, I appreciate that you take these matters very seriously.

    I cannot but speak the things that I have seen and heard: I was healed and I hear better.

    I have not yet seen a scripture that proves that God never heals in a way that may seem partial.

    So until I find a scripture that clearly and convincingly forbids so-called “partial” healing, I will continue to hold my phone to my right ear. Which I started doing after my visit to the Todd Bentley meeting where he called out the healing.

    I do not consider this a major disagreement, and again, I appreciate very much your seriousness about the scriptures and your zeal for the Lord. If you continue in both, you will not be disappointed!

    God bless –


  4. QUOTE :
    ” I have not yet seen a scripture that proves that God never heals in a way that may seem partial. ”

    Neither have i seen scriptural evidence to the contrary…Jesus always healed completely.

    We should never base truth on feelings …our feelings can deceive us …we can “feel” good committing adultery or “feel” good robbing a bank …that does not make it right!


  5. Peter Kirk said

    Dale, did you read Mark 8:22-26? Also Mark 9:25-27 where the boy had to be healed after the spirit was cast out of him? Or Luke 17:11-19, about ten lepers who were cleansed but only one whom was made well?

  6. Chadwick said

    One word of advice if you think Todd Bentley is indeed sent from God you need to be aware of the Latter Rain Movement which he holds to. It is clearly heretical. research it for yourself and you will find ample cause for concern. If you did get healed then great, but healing itself does not make Todd from God nor does it denote that Todd had anything to with your healing. To God (not to Todd) be the glory

  7. dancurant said

    Dale, you are right, our faith is based on His Word, not our feelings.

    And now thanks to Todd Bentley I hear His word better with my right ear than ever before.


    God bless you, friend –


  8. ” And now thanks to Todd Bentley I hear His word better with my right ear than ever before. ”

    That my freind is the whole problem…Todd Bentley (you claim) “fixed” your ear….I thought this charlatan was just someone being used by God ?

  9. dancurant said

    Peter, thanks very much for your comment, and for your enlightenting blog ( .

  10. dancurant said

    Chadwick, it is not clear to me that any doctrinal aberrations in the Latter Rain movement have in fact carried over into what God is doing at Lakeland.

    Nevertheless, your point is well taken. We need to be aware of and learn from the history of the church.

    If other outpourings have gone out of balance, or if the church has handled them wrongly, then we need to be careful not to repeat those mistakes.

    Although he may not be your cup of tea, Rick Joyner takes this very seriously and appears to me to be doing all that he can to ensure that the events in Lakeland are handled responsibly and scripturally.

    He laments that some previous outpourings were handled so badly as to risk becoming net negatives to the church.

    His thoughts are here –

    and I very much recommend them.

    Even those who disagree with his conclusions will, I hope, concede that he is making every effort to be reasonable and restrained, to learn from church history, and to honor the scriptures.

    Thank you for your comment –


  11. […] which I just discovered, including this transcript of Todd clearly preaching the gospel, and this testimony of his own partial healing) commented, without hostility, that Todd deserves to live the rest of […]

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