Invitation From Lakeland

July 11, 2008

This is what Todd Bentley shared on May 23 at Lakeland.

Do you hear what she said — “I came to get saved by Jesus”.
Say, “Jesus I give my life my heart my soul to you I need a Savior I want you to be the Lord of my life and save me.”
Who else needs to get saved by Jesus! Come down here right now. Come and get saved. Don’t even hesitate. If you want me to pray with you and you will receive Jesus Christ and you want to be saved and you want to know tonight, right now I’m calling you out. Get saved by Jesus.
If you’re watching me on the God channel, or you’re watching me on the Internet –
A little girl has enough faith to say I know Jesus – He’s real – I want him to come into my heart
If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior I’m telling you to get down here right now.
I want you to come and say, “I need to get saved.”
You want to get right with heaven.
Turn to your neighbor on the right and left and say, “Do you know Jesus?”
You come and stand before the Lord. I want you to come because you know that you need Jesus.
You’re saying, “Todd, I don’t know about my salvation, I’ve never been to a meeting like this.” You can be a new creation tonight.
I think it’s time for you to say, “Jesus I want to know you tonight.”
I want you to close your eyes and pray this prayer.
Do you want to give your life to Jesus?
Do you want to give your life to Jesus?
I want you to pray with me right now.
The only way that you can be saved is that you must believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again. You must believe and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord.
The only way you can really be saved is that you must make a conscious decision: Tonight I’m going to repent of my sin and I’m going to ask God to help me change my life.
You’re saying, “I want to be a new creation.”
Is that the commitment you’re going to make tonight?
Because you must be born again to see the kingdom of God.
Do you want to see the kingdom of heaven? The only way you can know that there is eternity for you is that you’re born again and that can only happen when you come to faith and you realize that you need a Savior and you make that decision. Not my prayer, your prayer.
But if you’ll pray from the bottom of your heart and believe tonight, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Bible says you shall be saved.


4 Responses to “Invitation From Lakeland”

  1. […] Dan Curant (who has a helpful blog mostly about Todd and healing which I just discovered, including this transcript of Todd clearly preaching the gospel, and this testimony of his own partial healing) commented, […]

  2. Chairos Seeker said

    That’s a good message. Why do you figure we hear it so seldom on the Lakeland broadcast? What can we do to encourage Todd Bentley to preach it more often?

  3. […] (and GodTV) tomorrow night. He cites Dan Curant’s blog, which has a transcript of Todd pleading with the audience to come to Christ (I was watching on GodTV that night – it’s […]

  4. dancurant said

    Thank you, Chairos, for your comment.

    I do not know why Todd does not emphasize the words that lead people to the new birth.

    I accept that different ministries may have a different emphasis. Some feeding the poor, some impacting civil government, some healing, some intercession, some repentance, some the new birth, some the arts.

    I tend to be terribly accepting of these various differing manifestations of the kingdom. That may be an overdose of understanding on my part.

    In fairness to Lakeland, however, nearly every day they hold training classes and send out groups to lead people to Christ.

    So even if the emphasis on the new birth is not seen during the telecast as much as some of us would prefer, it is probably the central focus of the Lakeland event.

    Considering the entire context of what the staff at Lakeland is trying to accomplish, it is all about leading people to Christ.

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