The Impact of Lakeland

July 9, 2008

What will be the far-reaching impact of Lakeland? 

The ripples of the visit of the Holy Spirit to Lakeland extend into eternity.

Similarly, many went to the visitation in Toronto burned out and left refreshed.  As a result of the rejuvenated lives coming out of Toronto, there are literally millions saved and being taught to walk with the Lord around the world.

There will be many set free physically and spiritually, recharged, and equipped by Lakeland to carry the gospel into the world.  This will result in millions more in the Family forever!

Thanks to God for Todd Bentley, Roy Fields, and all the people that make this possible by serving, attending, ministering, and giving in whatever fashion.

We are part of a magnificent program of changing the world and changing people and ushering people into a wonderful eternity with each other, the saints of old, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is called the Kingdom of God.

Where will the next outpouring be?  This is so exciting.

The Kingdom has so many manifestations. 

It is there when someone is shouting to the world on stage at Lakeland.

It is there in the quietness and obscurity of our individual lives as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and as the still small voice of the Spirit, the scriptures, our friends, and the testimonies of our own consciences take us through that lifelong process of transformation to which we are all called.

May we learn to appreciate Him in all His manifestations.

What a marvelous journey it is.


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