Lincoln Hears Lakeland

July 3, 2008

Last night at Lakeland Eli Miller was shouting, “Freedom!”

As I was watching and marveling at the joy in the crowd, I had a vision of Abraham Lincoln.

Specifically I saw the larger-than-life statue in the Lincoln Memorial.  In the vision, the statue figure had come to life and was leaning forward, with his head turned slightly to one side, and eyes just widened, as if he had heard something.

I believe that in my vision, what he had “heard” was the sound of freedom breaking forth in the land.

Abraham Lincoln brought freedom to many by leading and succeeding in a war that, whatever the causes that birthed it, resulted in the liberation of those who were being held as slaves.

The revival now considered to be centered in Lakeland is about releasing the captives, setting us all free from the bondage so obviously perpetrated by the enemy of our souls, and also from the more subtle religious bondage that we all place on ourselves and upon each other.

There were many stirring testimonies onstage last night from individuals who were set free from emotional and spiritual bondages.   Sitting and watching GodTV on channel 365 on DirecTV, I was thrilled.  

I believe I was also being touched by the same Spirit that was operating in Lakeland.  And that is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead!


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