Lakeland Testimonies

July 1, 2008

Wonderful testimonies from around the world are coming in of people being healed and brought back from the dead in this revival.  This thing is real – I hope it continues and gets better and better.

I have copied just a few of the hundreds of testimonies that have been sent in.

So many healings are very real, but cannot be seen, like, say, healing from a migraine headache. 

That is one reason why only a small percentage of actual miracles can be verified as true miracles.  Also, people may not have good documentation of their “before” condition.  Or, people may want privacy concerning their condition and its healing.  The healing may be real but similar in nature to some non-miraculous recoveries.

I believe that for each reported healing such as the ones below there are many, many, many others.  

After all, when Jesus healed ten lepers, only one was grateful!

Sadly, even in this great revival, many are not healed. 

Although we do not always get what we pray for, and we sometimes come away disappointed, that does not mean we should not ask.

That principle applies to prayer for healing, too.

I had my hearing greatly improved in one ear from a visit to a Todd Bentley meeting some years ago.  I often notice and appreciate the greatly improved functioning of that ear! 

I do not know how I could prove beyond a doubt that a miracle occurred.  But I know what my experience has been.

I hope that these dear people will not mind that I have copied their testimonies from the Fresh Fires web site.  I have crossed out all but the first letter of their last names, in order to give them a little privacy.  And actual patient information is limited, too.

However, the last names of all of these people who submitted testimonies were included in their emails to the Fresh Fire Ministries site when I copied these.

I wonder what the people of Capernaum were saying to each other to justify rejecting Jesus in spite of the miracles they had seen?

I sent a prayer request to God TV on June 24, 2008 for resurrection for my nephew. He is in Atlanta, Georgia at Grady Hospital. He was on life support as he was found lying in the street after taking drugs.   

He has been battling the demons of drug abuse for years.  He had gotten saved and wanted to be a minister for God, but he slips up and sometimes he gives in to drugs.  I prayed for his total deliverance from drugs and any other hindrances there may be.
He was taken off life support yesterday, and he is great.  He asked the people at the hospital to call his mother, and he gave them her phone number.  Then he asked if his probation officer had called. His brain seems fine.  His name is Chris.  


Rose W——-
Griffin, GA


I sent you an email and asked you to pray with us for Coleen who was in a coma with a pancreas that was not working and that doctors had no hope for. She has a one month old baby that she had not seen or held. On Monday we received an email from her family that she is well and held her baby for the first time. She was probably going to be discharged that same day. To God be all the glory and honour and thanks for your prayers.

I want that same glory on my life and also the mantle to serve God to minister healing to people.

God`s blessings,

Barend V———
Potchefstroom, South Africa


Thank you so much for praying. God has done wonderful miracles for our
We e-mailed for urgent prayer as we got word that mum’s heart had stopped. (She had been in the hospital from a mild stroke.) Our family went to prayer commanding life into her body. Her heart started beating again! She later said she was looking down on us praying and felt it was not her time to go. As we prayed I had a vision of angels surrounding her! She was transferred to another hospital when she got a clot in her leg. 

Her foot went white from lack of circulation, and she was scheduled to have surgery the next day.  However the doctor said, “There has been a miracle, blood has just rushed into her foot, and circulation has come back!” A couple of days later she developed kidney stones but praise the Lord they have gone too! 

Strength has come back into the side she had the stroke on, and now she is walking with a walker.  This has all happened within a week. Our God IS a God of miracles. Praise to his name!
We are believing for complete healing! We have been watching the revival and when this happened we rose up in the authority of the name of JESUS.

Colleen B———
Wodonga West, Australia


My pregnant daughter was told on Monday, June 9, that her baby was dead and had been for at least two weeks. 

She refused to accept this and went to God and he told her that her baby was alive and to go today, June 14th to the hospital to confirm this and she just called me and said they found a heart beat. 


Robin S—-

Yakima, Washington


There are many, many more! 



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