June 28 at Lakeland

June 29, 2008

What an encouraging meeting.

Todd said he had a letter from a man that had been healed of terminal cancer.  What is interesting is that this healing resulted from Todd’s courage in striking the man in the stomach while praying for him!   Apparently this man was extremely grateful that he had been kneed in the stomach!

Todd spoke movingly about Jesus’ command that we make sure that noone is offended by us, even if we have done no wrong, if while standing before the altar with our gift we realize someone else might be stumbling over us.  He encouraged everyone to apologize to anyone that felt offended, because if something we have done is causing someone else to stumble, we need to help them get free.  It is not a matter of clearing our own name or conscience if we have done no wrong – it is a matter of compassion to set the other person free.

This revival is a multi-faceted event that is touching so many in so many different ways. 


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